Salmon Arm Golf Club

Salmon Arm Golf Club

Salmon Arm Golf Club came into existence in 1928 as a 6-hole course built by Mr. R.A. Steele. Today, the Salmon Arm Golf Club offers its guests a truly unforgettable & unique setting that boasts two stunning courses, a golf shop, and the exceptional Ironwood Restaurant.

Salmon Arm Golf Club was created by individuals who believed it was possible to build a unique and interesting golf course that embodied the spirit and creativity of the founding members, and incorporated the natural beauty and defining features of the slopes of Mount Ida.

The Club honors its heritage by maintaining its commitment to combining the simple enjoyment of a memorable golf experience with pioneer hospitality in a visually stunning setting. Unspoiled by development the Salmon Arm Golf Club continues to offer nearly seamless integration with the undisturbed coniferous forest of the Salmon Valley. Come, enjoy the golf and the energy of the land. Enjoy the rewards of a day spent in the lap of nature!

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